My "new" corner of the world.

In anticipation of the arrival of my beloved cousin Juliana, I have been reorganizing the 1200 sq. ft that I call home. Working, living and sleeping have been thrown up in the air and landed in new places; all good.

But, humor aside, let me tell you a little about my cousin... Juliana is one of the beautiful people. She's not just beautiful on the outside, but much more importantly, beautiful on the inside.
She is genuine, kind, loving, smart, and a pediatrician which (obviously) means she cares for all the little beings that, to so many of us, remain a mystery.
Juliana is an angel; a woman I have known my whole life and never once felt anything but kindness from and toward.  I feel lucky to have the opportunity to have her in my home for the next three months... my hope is that we will learn from each other. As children we concocted dances and languages only known to us, but as adults, we have had few opportunities to spend much time together. Well...this is our chance. Prima, I can't wait!
...and we both have awesome (giant) front teeth!!!!

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