SNAPSHOT: No shortage of activity.

After a few weeks of being in a lull, the past week was just the opposite. Lots and lots of activity. Confession: I could use a little cat nap right about now.
But, hence, this weekend brought my niece and nephew who will be staying with us for a few days. It's the equivalent of a small army of small beings in a constant state of motion (although there are only two of them). Yes a nap would be marvelous. Hope you had a great week and weekend, and that it included lots of summer naps.
recap of photos above:

1. evenings out on the garden
2. lantern festival at franklin cemetery
3. Sketches for a stair I'm designing
4. P. and P. snuggling (my new favorite photo)
5. arugula goat cheese salad
6. brimfield fair
7. Party at friends' place...their pretty poodle Olive.
8. My hosta is taking over the flower box...hummmf.
9. When was the last time you did this?
10.Walk around the pond with the children.
11. Twister!!!
12....and more Twister. If you have not played in a while, be warned. You will feel pain.

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