The last few days brought:

pancakes with blueberries, a trip to the planetarium
the barking crab where we ate these and these
pretty sunset of our city, patrick's sister and me
a pretty sunny sky, walking and taking photos with our phones
tacos and corn at la verdad, city pavement in my cute orange espadrilles
fenway park is 100 years old, watching a game on a perfect summer evening
us having some fun, breakfast at this place

Hope you had a great week and weekend!


  1. I had a great time seeing the city that you and Pat live in and experiencing some of the every day things you guys do! I loved my fried shrimp, the mexican corn with a kick, and the 2 seafood apps at VeeVees(spelling??)!!!! So much fun-THANK YOU!

  2. We loved having you and I'm so glad you got to eat shrimp and seafood! Looking forward to the next time.


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