SNAPSHOT: What's been going on?

This past week was a slow one. There were a few highlights like getting new glasses, baking bread from left over pizza dough, making a peach galette based on a recipe I found on my new favorite blog, hike with Penny, lounging lazily with Kat while reading my new issue of this magazine, and using an industrial sized washing machine to wash my living room rug. Ya, it was a slow week. Sometimes you have to just admit you are in a bit of a slump and move on.
Luckily the weekend was filled with great friends, food and lots and lots of laughs. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of those moments. We had a lovely gathering for 8 on Friday night and an intimate dinner party for a couple on Saturday evening. I really need to remember to keep my camera on hand, but when your busy pouring bubbly, cooking and socializing, it's easy to forget to document the moment.
Well, I hope you had a great week and weekend. I'm looking forward to celebrating the 4th...and, this time, having my camera at the ready to document the day!

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