If you are lucky enough to have experienced a Calder sculpture, you know the beauty of those gently floating colored shapes breathing in and out like slow moving creatures emerging from thin air.

(Image: Calder Foundation)Sumac II, 1952
I have always dreamt of designing and making my own mobile; to create an ephemeral work, one that is both substance and air, stillness and movement, shadow and light
But until I find the courage to tackle my own version of a Calder, I've been working on a project for a cute little baby mobile...
It started with paper houses. The colored planes that make up the houses interlock. I use no glue or fasteners.

The next version in wood is already in the works. I chose birch plywood with it's beautiful lines and pattern to animate the little objects.
..Maybe the slowly moving houses in the sky will inspire one or two future architects.

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