I've carried this fortune around with me for about three years. It has lived inside that little plastic aperture in my wallet where my photo ID goes. I look at it maybe 3, 4 times a day and I always think..."Ok, bring it on, I'm waiting!"

This past week I realized something. It's time to get that fortune out of my wallet and live the best years of my life starting now!

This past week I became an independent designer and the ruler of my own fate! 
MAKE.GOOD studio will be my new adventure!
It all started with this blog and now I'm turning it into a business.
It's too exciting for words, but it's also scary and the most stress I've experienced in my life.

For those of you out there who read my blog thank you for the encouragement. I look forward to sharing the best years of my life with all of you!...and please pass the blog link along to everyone you know.

Stay tuned...www.MAKEGOODstudio.com is in the works and will be on line very soon.
Until then, Happy Sunday and happy living.

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