NEW WORK: The Therapy Tote

I'm so excited to share this new tote! I'm calling it the Therapy Tote because it can take whatever you throw in it. In a way it's like therapy. It's a place to put all the things in your life that otherwise would weigh a lot. Right?
I'm being a bit cute, but this bag is a show stopper. I'm loving the sunny yellow stripe and little side pocket for you cell. The natural leather straps are so modern and the gray fabric is recycled from an installation for a window shop display!...and it's waterproof! Ya, it's a gorgeous soft gray fabric on the outside, but hidden underneath, doing some serious work, is a waterproof lining.
I'm working on a vertical version of this tote as well as a bright blue stipe option!
But the yellow Therapy Tote is in our Etsy Shop right now! Hit GO to shop!

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