Sketchbook Monday

I've been wanting to try a series that documents the behind the scenes of the design process.
Ok, in truth, I want to sketch more... this is perhaps my way of getting back to the sketchbook.
So here goes, a little peak into my sketchbook. It's kind of scary putting it all out there, but hey, why not, right!
Look for Sketchbook Monday every other week. I hope you enjoy it and maybe it will motivate you to get a sketchbook of your own and start a place to doodle and document your own process...or anything at all.
Happy sketching!

I hope you enjoy Sketchbook Monday. Would you like more info on each sketch, would you like to know what ultimately the sketch became? I'd love to know your thoughts and feedback so drop me a line in the comments below!


  1. Yeah! Sketch Monday! I would like to request that you post sketches that you may be shy about showing because they aren't beautiful at a glance, BUT have a great idea hidden within. In a nutshell... "quirky sketch/exciting new wow idea". An accompanying explanation to tell the story would be... beautiful.

  2. Steve,
    Yes, I love it! I am a bit shy about putting some things out there. You know how it is...sketching and drawing is so personal. But, yes, I'll comb my sketchbooks and find something. Thanks for your great suggestion. Hope you and the family are well!
    ...oh and I'd love to see some of your sketches.....:)


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