SNAPSHOT: Life is good

Do you ever just feel like life is good? There is a stillness, a quiet, a calm. It's nice.
As I put this post together it struck me that even the photos tell that story:

the living room for watching the olympics, dentist (I'm weird, I actually like going to the dentist!)
zucchini frittata for dinner, delicious!
pretty cool new bag, and it's vertical cousin
summer napping on the couch, a moment at the studio
good strong coffee from this lovely place,  a well crafted americano
camping disaster (full story is on the way), living room camping instead!
suede (not to be confused with swede), sunday magazine reading

I hope you had a lovely week and weekend! I'm looking forward to reading a new book this week!

1 comment:

  1. I'm curious and can't wait to hear the story of the camping disaster!!!


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