SKETCHBOOK MONDAY: better late then never

Ok, it's Tuesday. You know it and I know it. Oops. Yesterday slipped away somehow and I had no time to get here to post. But, alas, I'm here now and Sketchbook Monday is in full effect. I dug through the archives for these sketches. I thought I would post a few that show what a sketch ultimately becomes...

What seem like scribbles in the sketch above left are actually the beginning thoughts for the Birds Clutch, above right. Can you see it? Squint, no?
And below is an idea I had for a mobile made from plywood cut into the iconic for of little houses. I did make a few little houses and a couple of mobiles. Those ended up being made of paper. I gave them as gifts and, of course, didn't get any good photos. But, there are a few bad ones here you can check out.
I think this is a project I need to pick up again and see where it goes! I'm inspired.

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